How is your Quilt Protector?

There has been a great response to the quilt protectors recently! I love hearing how you are using yours and seeing what cool quilting projects it has helped you on. Please keep the feedback coming! Summer has gone by quickly here at Tadl Tales, but we still have plenty of Quilt and Batting Protectors for you and your long arm!

Fat Quarter Baby Quilt

Quilt on couchThis fat quarter baby quilt is a combination of textures; flannel, plain cottons and chenille.  For the baby as he grows and develops sense of touch it will be a quilt to be enjoyed.  I tend to use poly batting for babies and small children quilts.  They very easy to wash and dry and also keep them nicely warm.  I machine quilted this quilt with an all over curl & swirl freehand design.

Pinwheel on Point

another of Pat's quilts

Pat's modified pinwheel on point

Pat made this quilt out of Batik’s, her choice of colors makes a nice contrast between the pinwheel blocks and alternating blocks of a choice of a batik fabric with a organized pattern.  I machine quilted this quilt with an all over pattern of back and forth of curls and swirls.

another of Pat's quilt

Zig-Zag Garden Quilt

Quilt top made by Eileen Devine and quilted by Theresa Lyon

This queen size quilt was a kit that my mother purchased in Missouri.  I thought that the kit featured a interesting color combination with the vintage geometric patterns.  The great thing about this kit was that, unlike some, there was a generous amount of fabric supplied so you don’t have to worry about running out when you are cutting the pieces.  I helped my mom with the cutting of the quilt which proved to be quite easy.  All you need to do is cut into squares and then triangles.  In order to get the zig-zag pattern, you just need to match the appropriate pieces together.  Once the triangles were matched, the assembly was easy and resulted in the beautiful design.

The below photo shows the soft floral pink choice for the backing fabric.

The Quilt that Started It All

Quilt top made by Linda

This large king size quilt top was hand embroidered by Linda and made for her son and his wife. This was a very delicate looking quilt and when it came to the quilting, I kept the same delicate look with vines, small flowers and generous hearts in the borders.

While working on this quilt, I realized that I needed something to protect my quilts while on the long arm quilting machine.  To solve this, I created the first Quilt and Batting Protector to hold this quilt top off of the floor.

hand stitched vines

Underground Railroad Quilt: From Iowa to Scotland

For Christmas last year, my sister-in-law, Val, currently of Australia, asked me to make a quilt with Civil War fabrics, something full of American History.  The “Underground Railroad” was decided on and California king was the size.  The fabrics were chosen based on the story of each block and arranged in a layout that features an embroidered quote by Sojourner Truth:

God will not stand with wrong, never mind how right you think you be.

Finished the quilt top with borders enough to get to the right size and machine quilted this quilt with a pantograph.  Considering the size and the cost of custom quilting the pantograph was a very nice choice for this quilt.  Then finished  the binding  and it was ready to be boxed and shipped for Val to a step-daughter in Scotland as a gift rich in American history.

Underground Railroad Quilt

close up of quilt block